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Emelia's Direct Line:
Emelia J. Campbell —> Tad D. Campbell —> Kathy J. Appleton —> Francis G. Appleton —>
James H. Appleton —> George H. Appleton —> John H. Appleton
—> Charles W. W. Appleton —>
Christopher Appleton



Kathy Jeanne Appleton

Born: 22 Dec 1943 at Lansing, Ingham Co., MI
Died: 30 Jun 2003 at San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA

Burial: Cremated. Ashes in possession of family.

Father: Francis George Appleton
Mother: Frances Elizabeth "Frankie" Foster

1st Marriage: 28 Dec 1963 at Webberville, Ingham Co., MI to Robert Charles Vince (no dates). Divorced. No children.

2nd Marriage: 22 Aug 1969 at San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA to Donald Dean Campbell (1943- ). Two children.

Occupation: teacher, secretary

Children by Donald Dean Campbell:


Tad David Campbell (1970- ) m. Rachelle Marie Bursheim. (issue: Emelia Jeanne Campbell)


Keith Michael Campbell (1976- ). Severely disabled (autistic). Not married.


Notable Relatives

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Francis George "George" Appleton

Born: 21 Apr 1917 at Byron, Shiawassee Co., MI
Died: 2 Nov 2004 in Vallejo, Solano Co., CA

Burial: Cremated. Ashes spread near Utica Reservoir, Stanislaus National Forest, CA

Father: James Herbert Appleton
Mother: Isabelle Marie Paquette

Marriage: 16 Jan 1942 at Perry, Shiawassee Co., MI to Frances Elizabeth "Frankie" Foster (1923-2002). Three children.

Occupation: carpenter, soldier, cook

Military: WWII Veteran (119th Field Artillery, Michigan National Guard)

Children by Frances Elizabeth "Frankie" Foster:


Kathy Jeanne Appleton PIC (1943-2003) m1. Robert Charles Vince (divorced; no issue); m2. Donald Dean Campbell (issue: Tad David Campbell, Keith Michael Campbell)


Paul Francis Appleton (1947- ) m1. Whitney Jane Claybaugh (divorced; issue: Gray David Appleton, Christopher Michael Appleton); m2. Coral Lee Macintosh (issue: Kyle Douglas Appleton)


Nancy Kae Appleton (1957- ) m1. David Duane Plambeck (divorced; no issue); m2. Dennis Robert Bolen, Sr. (issue: Jennifer Marie Bolen, Kristin Kae Bolen, Dennis Robert Bolen Jr.)


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Francis G. Appleton had a symbol like this on the side of his home for many years.

James Herbert "Jim" Appleton

Born: 2 Dec 1888 at Pleasanton, Manistee Co., MI
26 Nov 1973 at Frankfort, Benzie Co., MI

Burial: Roselawn Cemetery, Perry, Shiawassee Co., MI

Father: George H. Appleton
Mother: Ida May Moore

Marriage: 21 Nov 1911 at Arcadia, Manistee Co., MI to Isabelle Marie Paquette (1889-1980). Five children.

Occupation: carpenter, farmer

Children by Isabelle Marie Paquette:


Virgil James "Virg" Appleton PIC (1913-1992) m. Marie J. Price (issue: Sondra Marie "Cindy" Appleton, Virgil Duane "Rocky" Appleton, Dennis R. Appleton)


Virginia Marie Appleton PIC (1915-1948) m. Bernard B. Lee (issue: Phyllis J. Lee, Everett Lee, Marilyn Delories Lee, Bernard Leroy "Roy" Lee)


Francis George "George" Appleton PIC (1917-2004) m. Frances Elizabeth "Frankie" Foster (issue: Kathy Jeanne Appleton, Paul Francis Appleton, Nancy Kae Appleton)


Orval Bernard Appleton (1918-1991) m1. Doris Jean Nichols (divorced; issue: Richard Bernard "Dick" Appleton, Gloria Jean Appleton, Diane Kay Appleton, Cheryl Ann "Cheri" Appleton, Patricia Ruth "Patty" Appleton); m2. Ileene P. Day


Willabelle L. "Pat" Appleton (1919-1940) m1. Loraine C. Johns (issue: Beverly Johns); m2. Edward A. "Ted" Herig (issue: Edward Alfred "Teddy" Herig)


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George H. Appleton

Born: 7 Dec 1858 in Thorncreek Twp., Whitley Co., IN
Died: 1 Oct 1934 in Perry, Shiawassee Co., MI

Burial: Roselawn Cemetery, Perry, Shiawassee Co., MI

Father: John Henderson Appleton
Mother: Matilda Dupler

Marriage: 18 Aug 1887 in Manistee Co., MI to Ida May Moore (1870-1945). Five children.

Occupation: farmer

Children by Ida May Moore:


James Herbert "Jim" Appleton PIC (1888-1973) m. Isabelle Marie Paquette (issue: Virgil James Appleton, Virginia Marie Appleton, Francis George Appleton, Orval Bernard Appleton, Willabelle L. "Pat" Appleton)


Earl Stanley Appleton (1890-1928) m. Clara A. Day (issue: Earl F. Appleton)


Milford Appleton (c.1895-1897). Died young.


John W. Appleton (1900-1971) m1. Mary E. Ruppert; m2.Birdie ___; m3. Ilene _____. No known issue.


Charles Cartwright Appleton (1904-1963) m. Mae Belle Ordiway (issue: Norma June Appleton, Charles J. "Chuck" Appleton, Shirley Belle Appleton, William George "Bill" Appleton, Geraldine Joan "Gerrie" Appleton)


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John Henderson Appleton

Born: 27 Nov 1832 in Centre Co., PA
Died: 10 Apr 1911 at Columbia City, Whitley Co., IN

Burial: St. Johns (alias Hively) Cemetery, Thorncreek Twp., Whitley Co., IN

Father: Dr. Charles William Worthington Appleton
Mother: Rachel Hutton

1st Marriage: 24 Jun 1857 at Columbia City, Whitley Co., IN to Matilda (Egolf) Dupler (1835-1879). Five children.

2nd Marriage: 9 Jun 1880 in Whitley Co., IN to Ellen Caricure (c.1841-?). Divorced. No children.

3rd Marriage: 14 Sep 1886 in Whitley Co., IN to Sarah Jane (Mayberry) Beemer (1836-1917). No children.

Occupation: farmer, soldier, landlord

Military: Union Civil War Veteran (Co. E, 17th Indiana Infantry, Wilder's Lightning Brigade).


Children by Matilda Dupler:


George H. Appleton PIC (1858-1934) m. Ida May Moore (issue: James Herbert Appleton, Earl Stanley Appleton, Milford Appleton, John W. Appleton, Charles Cartwright Appleton)


Elizabeth "Lizzie" Appleton PIC (1860-1934) m. Albert Wilson Alkire (issue: Laura Etta Alkire, Alive Eva Alkire, Ralph Wilson Alkire, Maurice John Alkire, Jennie Lula Alkire)


Aaron Appleton PIC (1862-1952) m. Margaret Ella Hively (issue: Effie Bell Appleton, Chloe M. Appleton)


Jonathan Appleton PIC (1866-1942) m1. Rose P. ____; m2. Anna C. (Kuns) King. No known issue.


Laura Appleton PIC (1869-1951) m. Jesse Sheldon Hively (issue: Lieutrella Hively, Huldah Hively, Ray Jennings Hively, Ralph Wilson Hively)


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Dr. Charles William Worthington Appleton

Born: about 1812 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA
Died: 20 Apr 1852 at Providence, Providence Co., RI
(suicide by morphine overdose)

Burial: Mowry Lot, Smithfield, Providence Co., RI

Father: Christopher Appleton
Mother: Elizabeth _____

1st Marriage: (date and place unknown) to Rachel Hutton (1812-1865). Divorced. Two known children.

2nd Marriage: 17 Oct 1838 at Baltimore, MD to Susanna E. Stroman (1810-?) of York, PA. One child.

3rd Marriage: 20 Oct 1842 at New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ to Tacy Maria Dunham (1816-1890). Divorced 9 Nov 1843. One child.

4th Marriage: Date and place unknown, to Mary Manning (abt.1815-1880). One known child.

5th Marriage: 5 May 1851 at Smithfield, Providence Co., RI, to Amey M. Baxter (1812-1874). One child.

Occupation: physician, minister/preacher, temperance lecturer

Religion: Baptist, Methodist, Mormon (Strangite)

Charles William Worthington Appleton was a doctor in Ohio, a Methodist preacher in Indiana, a temperance lecturer with the New Jersey Temperance Society, and a professor of Animal Magnetism (hypnosis). He was a bigamist, having had at least five wives in different parts of the country, several at the same time. Though he was a popular temperance lecturer around the country, Appleton was also an alcoholic and frequently went on drinking binges. While in New Jersey, he became acquainted with William Smith, the younger brother of Joseph Smith, Jr. who founded Mormonism. William Smith was a follower of James J. Strang who founded the Church of Latter Day Saints (Strangite), which broke away when Brigham Young took over the church. Appleton was made an Apostle of the Strangite church until excommunicated due to his alcoholism.

(Special thanks are extended to Mr. Connell Hill O'Donovan of
Santa Cruz, California for his assistance in putting me on the trail of Dr. Appleton.)

Children by Rachel Hutton:


John Henderson Appleton PIC (1832-1911) m1. Matilda (Dupler) Egolf (issue: George H. Appleton, Elizabeth Appleton, Aaron Appleton, Jonathan Appleton, Laura Appleton); m2. Ellen Caricure (divorced; no issue); m3. Sarah Jane (Mayberry) Beemer (no issue)


male Appleton (abt.1835-?). This unidentified male child was listed as being "deaf and dumb" in the 1840 Census of Bridgeport, Indiana. No further information.

Children by Susanna E. Stroman:


Mary Jane Appleton (abt.1839-?). Her maternal grandmother Mary (Leitner) Stroman of York, PA was made her guardian in 1846. No further information.

Children by Tacy Maria Dunham:


Greenleaf Webb Appleton (abt.1843-1909) m. Georgiana Schuyler (issue: Edward Schuyler Appleton). Alias "G. Webb Appleton" and "George Webb Appleton". Cashier who worked at the State Bank of New Brunswick in New Brunswick, NJ and from which he embezzled $500,000 in 1874. He fled the country and reestablished himself near London, England, where he became an author, playwright, and literary lecture agent for such figures as Oscar Wilde and Sir Henry Morton Stanley.

Children by Mary Manning:


Charles Manning Appleton (1846-1862). Never married. Occupation: Printer. Enlisted in Co. F, 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry (Baxter's Fire Zouaves) as a Private. Recieved a gun shot wound in the right thigh at Fair Oaks, Virginia on 8 Jun 1862. The leg was amputated and he died at DeCamp General Hospital, Davids' Island, NY on 20 Jul 1862.


Children by Amey M. Baxter:


Emma Appleton (abt.1852-1852). Died as a child.


Christopher Appleton

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Father: unknown
Mother: unknown

Marriage: (date and place unknown) to Elizabeth _____ (no dates). One known child.

While the identity of this Christopher Appleton has not been fully established, it is known that he is not the same as Christopher Appleton (1787-1860) who married Elizabeth Hewetson (1792-1873) in England in 1813 and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1819.

Children by Elizabeth _____:


Dr. Charles William Worthington Appleton (c.1812-1852)

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