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Emelia's Direct Line:
Emelia J. Campbell —> Tad D. Campbell —> Kathy J. Appleton —> Frances E. Foster —>
Maude L. Grundy —> Frederick W. Grundy —> Sarah A. Duryee
—> George W. Duryee —>
William Duryee—> Frederick Duryee —> Joost "George" Duryee


Sarah Amelia Duryee

Born: 12 Sep 1845 in Florida Twp., Hillsdale Co., MI
Died: 29 Jul 1933 at Rancho Los Amigos, Los Angeles Co., CA

Burial: unknown (cremated)

Father: George W. Duryee, Sr.
Julia Howell

1st Marriage: 7 Feb 1864 at Osseo, Hillsdale Co., MI to Charles Carpenter (1830-1868). Two children.

2nd Marriage: 3 Jul 1870 at Allegan, Allegan Co., MI to abt.1841-1874). No children.

3rd Marriage: 18 Aug 1877 at Galion, Crawford Co., OH to Robert Patton (abt.1846-1880). No children.

4th Marriage: 25 Jun 1910 at Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co., CA to James Jacob Stubblefield, Sr. (1845-1924). No children.

Children by Charles Carpenter:


Susan Vietta Carpenter (1865-1943) m1. William H. Harring (divorced); m2. William A. Bennett (divorced); m3. George Creswell Stubblefield (son of James Jacob Stubblefield, Sr.)


Frederick William Grundy (1867-1955) (né Carpenter) m. Amelia "Millie" Draggoo

Military Heritage


Notable Relatives


George W. Duryee, Sr.

Born: 22 Jan 1820 in Cayuga Co., NY
Died: 3 May 1865 at Nashville, Davidson Co., TN

Burial: Nashville National Cemetery, Madison, Davidson Co., TN

Father: William Duryee, Sr.
Sarah "Sally" Groot

Marriage: 17 Aug 1842 at Florida, Hillsdale Co., MI to Julia Howell (1825-1899). Six children.

Occupation: farmer, gold miner, soldier

Military: Union Civil War Veteran (Co. A, 4th Michigan Infantry).

George W. Duryee's parents removed to Michigan in 1835 to settle on land provided to William by the government for his service in the War of 1812. George remained in New York until 1837 when he came to Florida, Hillsdale Co., MI. Here he joined his father's family, helping with the farming and clearing of the land, until 17 Aug 1842 when he married Julia Howell.

In the summer of 1851, George W. Duryee, in company with three of his brothers and a nephew, traveled to California in search of gold. They made the overland trip by horse and ox team via the Santa Fe Trail, traveling across the plains and deserts and occupying four months in the journey. They had many adventures of thrilling interest, encounters with Indians and wild beasts, but escaped without more serious mishap than the loss of some of their stock. They mined for two and a half years in El Dorado Co., probably in the area of Uniontown, near Placerville. His efforts proving futile, George and his brother, William H. Duryee, returned to Michigan in Nov 1853, making the trip by the ocean route, crossing the Isthmus of Panama. One brother, Cornelius Groot Duryee, remained in California, married there and raised a family, one of his sons later removing to San Francisco.

After his return to Hillsdale Co., George Duryee bought 80 acres of his father's homestead, the same being kept in the family until 1914. On 9 Feb 1864 George Duryee, along with his sons, James and William B., enlisted in Company A, 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry to serve a term of 3 years.

A letter contained in George Duryee's pension file from one of his commanding officers, R.R. Newkirk, dated at Adrian MI on 10 Oct 1866 states: "...he was under my command from the time he left this place until he died or went to the hospital. His disease came on him while in the service and what finished him he was compelled to march while on our march from Knoxville to Jonesboro he gave out and was sent to Hospital at Bulls Gap, Tennessee and was sent from there to Nashville where he died on the 3rd of May 1865. I tried hard to get him in to the ambulance while on the march but the officer in charge of the ambulance train bluffed him off and made him walk so by the time he got to Bulls Gap he could not stand up. He was a faithful and good man and always done all he was able to. The widow should have something and any further information I can give I will do freely."

The official records of the unit state that George W. Duryee died on 5 May 1865 in USA General Hospital No 1, Nashville TN of cerebro-spinal meningitis. He was buried in the National Cemetery at Nashville. His widow received a pension for his service until her death on 6 Mar 1899.


Children by Julia Howell:


James Henry Duryee (1843-1910). Never married.
Union Civil War veteran (Company F, 4th Michigan Infantry)


Sarah Amelia Duryee (1845-1933) m1. Charles Carpenter; m2. Day L. Chapin; m3. Robert Patton; m4. James Jacob Stubblefield, Sr. Settled in Southern California.


William Byron Duryee (1848-1886) m. Frances Anna Taylor. Union Civil War veteran (Company F, 4th Michigan Infantry). Resided in Allegan Co., MI and Randolph Co., IN. Killed in a railroad accident.


Susan M. Duryee (1850-1908) m. Robert Henry Brenenstul. Settled in Ohio.


George W. Duryee, Jr. (1855-1915) m. Dora D. Huff


Rev. Adoniram Judson Duryee (1857-1934) m1. Caroline Thobold; m2. Sarah E. Potter.
Methodist minister. Settled in Noble Co., IN.

Grave of George W. Duryee
Nashville National Cemetery

William Duryee, Sr.

Born: 27 Dec 1784 at Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY
Died: 29 May 1872 at Osseo, Hillsdale Co., MI

Burial: East Hill Cemetery, Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale Co., MI

Father: Frederick Duryee, Sr.
Geertje "Charity" Sutphen

1st Marriage: 1805 at Schenectady, NY to Sarah "Sally" Groot (1786-1841). Eight children.

2nd Marriage: 11 Nov 1847 at Hillsdale, MI to Mrs. Polly Lyons (1797-1885). No children.

Military: During the War of 1812 he served in Capt. Ebenezer S. Cadwell's Company of New York Militia under Col. Erastus Cleveland. Drafted in September 1814 and honorably discharged 21 Sep 1814. Primarily served in the vicinity of Sackett's Harbor, NY.

In 1835, William Duryee Sr. and his family emigrated by ox teams and wagons from Montgomery Co., NY, crossing over the Detroit River by boat and thence through thick forest to Hillsdale Co., MI where on 23 May 1835 he took up 120 acres in the northwest quarter of section 3 at a place called Florida. This was originally a part of Moscow Twp. in 1835 and of Adams Twp. in 1836. In 1837 the name was changed again to Florida Twp., which it remained until 1849 when it was changed finally to Jefferson Twp. On 26 Dec 1835, William Duryee Sr. took pieces of land, one for 51 acres & one for 84/100 acres, both being in section 3.

William Duryee Sr. built a large log house from whitewood trees, being the first log house in the township. The family worked faithfully at clearing the land while Mr. Duryee worked at his trade, making boots & shoes.

Children by Sarah "Sally" Groot:


Eliza Duryee (1807-1875) m1. Amby Orcutt; m2. James Stevens


Rev. Isaac Groot Duryee (1810-1866) m. Lydia Augur Budington.
Union Civil War veteran (Chaplain, 81st New York Infantry).



Frederick Duryee (1812-?) m. Ellenery McNeal


John Moyston Duryee (1814-1858) m1. Clara Smith; m2. Louise Standish


George W. Duryee, Sr. (1820-1865) m. Julia Howell.
Union Civil War veteran (Co. A, 4th Michigan Infantry).


Simon Duryee (1821-1908) m1. Theana Seeley; m2. Adeline (Warren) Cummings. Lived at Malta, IL; Coldwater, MI; Eugene, OR; Ellsworth, KS; and Los Angeles, CA.


William Henry Duryee (1824-1908) m. Catherine Esther Brokaw


Cornelius Groot Duryee (1825-1901) m. Margaret Jane Norris. Settled in Placer Co., CA.


Grave of William Duryee, Sr.
East Hill Cemetery
Hillsdale Co., MI

Note the incorrect year of death.

Frederick Duryee, Sr.

Born: 8 Apr 1755 in Somerset Co., NJ
Died: 15 Sep 1832 at Castile, Wyoming Co., NY

Father: Joost "George" Duryee
Maritie Van Liew

Marriage: about 1774 in Somerset Co., NJ to Geetje "Charity" Sutphen (1757-abt.1831). Seven children.

Military: Served as a Private from Middlesex Co., NJ during the American Revolution.

Children by Geertje "Charity" Sutphen:


Joris "George" Duryee (1775-aft.1850) m. Elizabeth Rynex


Elizabeth Duryee (1777-?). No further information.


James Duryee (1780-1827)


William Duryee, Sr. (1784-1872) m1. Sarah "Sally" Groot; m2. Mrs. Polly Lyons.
Served in War of 1812. Settled in Hillsdale Co., MI.


Frederick Duryee, Jr. (1788-1852) m. Isabella Starke


Abram Duryee (1790-1868) m. Catherine A. Weatherwax


Maria "Polly" Duryee (1795-aft.1870) m. John W. Hall

Joost "George" Duryee

Born: about 1729 at Bushwick, Kings Co., NY
Died: 2 Oct 1794 in Montgomery Twp., Somerset Co., NJ

Father: * (see below)
Mother: * (see below)

1st Marriage: 7 Jun 1750 in Somerset Co., NJ to Maritie Van Liew (1724-1761). Five children.

2nd Marriage: date unknown, in New Jersey to Magdalena Baird (abt.1730-1793). Four children.

* In deference to a work in progess by Richard A. McCool of Columbus, OH, information concerning the antecedents on this line will not be displayed here. For further information please contact Mr. McCool directly: duryeakin@yahoo.com

Children by Maritie Van Liew:


Magdalena Duryee (1751-?) m. Hendrick Barkelow


Ante Duryee (1753-bef.1768). Died as a child.


Frederick Duryee, Sr. (1755-1832) m. Geertje "Charity" Sutphen


Simon Duryee (1757-1814) m. Maria Statesur


Dinah Duryee (1760-?) m. Denice Van Liew

Children by Magdalena Baird:


Maria "Mary" Duryee (1763-?) m. William Davis


Wilhelmus "William" Duryee (1765-1850) m. Ann Berrien


Ante "Anne" Duryee (1768-?) m. John Sortore


Yoris "George" Duryee (1770-1776). Died as a child.

Norse Highlanders

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