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The American Revolution refers to the period during the last half of the 18th century in which the Thirteen Colonies gained independence from the British Empire and became the United States of America. In this period, the colonies united against the British Empire and entered into the armed conflict known as the American Revolutionary War (or the "American War of Independence"), between 1775 and 1783. This resulted in an American Declaration of Independence in 1776.




Relation to Emelia

ADAMS, Uriah

Sussex County New Jersey Militia

Ensign; 2nd Regiment

7 x great-grandfather

ANSPACH, Johann Adam Sr.

Berks County Pennsylvania Militia

First Sergeant in Capt. Michael Forrer's Company.

7 x great-grandfather


Viginia State Militia

Enlisted in Botetourt Co VA. Served 15 days as Lieut in Capt George Givens' Virginia Company in expedition against Indians at Big Island on Holston River. Enlisted Apr 1780 for 6 mos as private in Capt John Bowles Company, Col Benjamin Logan's Virginia Regiment. In battle with Indians at Pickaway. Enlisted 1782, in same company for 6 mos and was in battle at Big Miami. Was stationed at Whitley's Station KY.

7 x great-grandfather


Pennsylvania State Militia

Private. Enlisted 1 Jan 1777 for two months in Capt. John Venatta's Company, Col. Strout's Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia; re-enlisted Oct 1777 for two months in Capt. John Venatta's Company, Col. Sigfriedt's Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia; re-enlisted in the spring of 1781 for two months in Capt. John Gregory's Company of Pennsylvania Militia.

7 x great-grandfather


6 x great-grandfather

DIEFFENBACH, Johann George

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Militia

1776 George Diffenbaugh, private, Cap't Wm. Bell's Co., commanded by Col. James Bard.

1778 George Devibaugh, 2nd Class Co. 7, 4th Battalion.

George Tivebach furnished 3 bu. wheat and 3 bu. forage for the army.

1779 George Devibaugh 2nd Class Co. 7, 4th Battalion.

1780 George Turbaugh, Ensign, Co. 5, 10th Battalion.

1781 George Devibaugh, Ensign, Co. 5, 10th Battalion.

1782 George Devibaugh, Ensign, Co. 5, 10th Battalion.

On 10 May 1782, Capt. Andrew Stewart includes his name in his final list of persons between the ages of 18-53 who are members of the 10th Battalion.

W. H. Egle in Notes & Queries, 3rd Series, Vol. 1, states: "From Col. Joshua Elder's account book we find charges for blankets carried by different soldiers and also the names of these furnishing." Among the latter, he lists George DivenBaugh. Another entry of Egle's in the work cited, Series 1, (1894) Vol. 1, gives the assessment list of taxables for 1780, wherein appears "George Tevebaugh, Second Lieutenant."

7 x great-grandfather

DUPLER, Frederick

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Militia

Listed among the Eighth Class in Captain John Moore's Company, being the Fifth Company of the Second Battalion of Lancaster County Militia, dated 25 Dec 1781.

7 x great-grandfather

DURYEE, Frederick

Middlesex County New Jersey Militia


7 x great-grandfather

EVE, Rev. George

Patriotic Service

Rendered material aid to Continental Army

7 x great-grandfather

FAIRBANKS, Phinehas Sr.

Patriotic Service

Member of Committee of Correspondence and Safety at Harvard MA in 1778.

8 x great-grandfather

GALLUP, Benjamin

Berkshire County Massachusetts Militia

Corporal, Capt. Zebulon Norten's co., Maj. Caleb Hyde's detachment of Berkshire Co. militia; entered service July 11, 1777; discharged July 27, 1777; service, 16 days; roll dated Equivalent; also, Capt. John Bacon's co., Col. Caleb Hyde's regt., Gen. Rosseter's brigade; entered service Oct. 20, 1781; discharged Oct. 28, 1781; service, 9 days, at Stillwater on an alarm.

7 x great-grandfather

GROOT, Simon Cornelius

Albany New York County Militia

Sergeant under Capt. Thomas Brower Banker in the 2nd Albany Militia.

7 x great-grandfather

HART, Amos Sr.

Hartford County Connecticut Militia

Private in the 2nd Battalion, Wadsworth Brigade, 1st Co., under Capt. Gad Stanley (his first cousin); roll dtd 24 June 1776

8 x great-grandfather

HERNDON, Benjamin

Virginia Continental Line

Served as a private throughout 1777, first in Capt. Samuel Hawes' Co. of Foot, and later in Capt. Upshaw's Co. in the 2nd Virginia Reg. of the Continental Line, first commanded by Col. Alex. Spotswood and later by Col. Christian Febiger.

7 x great-grandfather

HUTTON, William Jr.

Virginia Continental Line

Private and Matross in Capt. Dandridge’s Company, Col. Charles Harrison’s 1st Regiment of Virginia Artillery, Continental Troops.

7 x great-grandfather

JOHNSON, Ebenezer

New Haven County Connecticut Militia

Served as a substitute in Connecticut Militia as a drummer and fifer for six months in 1779. Volunteered in 1781 for two years in Capt. Peter Veal's company of Militia to "guard the coast at Guilford." Was in three battles in the Guilford area.

7 x great-grandfather


Lancaster County Pennsylvania Militia

Private, Capt. George Feather’s 3rd Company, 9th Battalion, Lancaster County (PA) Militia.

6 x great-grandfather

KINNEY, John Sr.

New Jersey Militia

In 1776 he was ensign in Captain Potter’s company, Third Battalion. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the Eighth Company, and was made brevet captain.

6 x great-grandfather

LAMONT, Archibald

Albany County New York Militia

7 x great-grandfather

LOGAN, William Sr.

Virginia Militia

In 1779 he is listed as a member of the company of militia at Logan's Station (St. Asaphs), commanded by his brother, Capt. (later Gen.) Benjamin Logan.

7 x great-grandfather

MOORE, Elijah

Hampden County Massachusetts Militia


7 x great-grandfather

MORR, Andreas Jr.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Militia

Private in the 7th Battalion, Lancaster Co. PA Militia, Captain Thomas Robinson 3rd. Company 7th Battalion, Lancaster Militia, and Captain Boggs Militia Company.

7 x great-grandfather

MORR, John George Sr.

Pennsylvania Militia

Member of Capt. John Moll's company of militia.

6 x great-grandfather


Patriotic Service

Furnished supplies to the Continental Army.

8 x great-grandfather

PECK, Samuel Jr.

Patriotic Service

Town officer in Wallingford, CT during Revolution.

8 x great-grandfather

PURVIS, James Sr.

North Carolina Militia

Served under Captains Williams, Cray, Coat, and Coalman

6 x great-grandfather

RANDALL, Stephen Sr.

Massachusetts Militia

Private from Massachusetts, answering an alarm and serving under Capt. Joseph Fairbanks and Col. Asa Whitcomb.

7 x great-grandfather


British Army

Drafted into the British army and served as such during the American Revolution. Wounded in the arm. Was at the Battle of Yorktown and present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, captured by Washington and returned to England after peace was declared.

7 x great-grandfather


Patriotic Service

Signed Oath of Allegiance in Goochland County, Virginia.

7 x great-grandfather

WOLF, Johann Jonas

York County Pennsylvania Militia

2nd Lieutenant, serving under Capt. Peter Iekes in the 5th Company, 6th Battalion, York Co PA Militia 1778-1779. Also served as a 1st Lieutenant in Co. A, 7th Battalion, York Co PA Militia 1781-1783.

7 x great-grandfather

YOUNG, Eliphalet Jr.

Connecticut Militia

Served in Capt. Jonathan Rudd's Company commanded by Col. of Foot Samuel Chapman, Brig. Gen. John Tyler's Brigade of Connecticut Militia under the command of Maj. Gen. Sullivan. His service, as well as most of the unit, was from 2 Aug. 1778 to 12 Sept. 1778. They were involved in the attempt to dislodge the British from Newport, RI in August and September and were present at the battle of Rhode Island, 29 Aug. 1778.

7 x great-grandfather

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American Revolution Ancestry

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